Brooke and Jeremy

Heres a few images from my recent photoshoot with Brooke and Jeremy,who's wedding I will be photographing later this summer in Carmel Valley CA.
So while its most certainly not my first experience in a bar. It's definitely my first engagement shoot in a Bar. Its one of the bay areas oldest and longest operating bars.Located on san Pablo Ave in Albany/El Cerrito, its called the 'Hotsey Totsey' and is amn old school re-energized dive bar with a number of hiptastic tweaks!!


Talia Graham Shay plus One!!!!

So I was recently thrilled to receive an email from Graham, a wedding client of mine from 3 years ago. He had just had a baby boy and I was so happy to be a part of his announcement to the world!!
I was thrilled and headed over soon after to photograph little Pierce at their new home in Marin. It was of course great to see them again thriving as a couple and family, especially now with a new addition. They are truly wonderful people and I'm proud and privileged to be the person they turn to to record their most precious moments.

Their daughter Shay

A photo from Talia and Graham's engagement shoot from 2008


Andy and Sonja University Club San Francisco

I photographed this wedding back in April before my new blog was finished so heres a little taste of what happened back in April.


Old Blog Posting Aug 2009

This is one of my favorite blog entries from 2 years ago when my son Lucas was only 3 years old.
He's a massive 5 years and growing now and as much as I try I don't seem to have the time to take whole days off work quite as frequently as I should, although yesterday I did sneak up to the local pool where he was having a summer camp swimfest.
Here he is more recently and frankly I couldn't be prouder!!

AKA Daddy Mondays
I've had these days for the last year and a half, where I dont work on Mondays I have the whole day with my son Lucas.
While not working on these days, I still manage to be exhausted after a full day of activities , lunches ,dinners and temper tantrums (not all mine I should add)
So heres this weeks installation "Fairyland " its been around since the 40's or earlier and was the original inspiration for Disneyland.
Take the kids....... its another thing i love about where I live.
While small and a little outdated it has recently had a service from one of the local charitable organizations and looks pretty good for its age.
Well Im definitely no writer, so heres my pics for the day.

44 MAC

Installation finished, 47 metal prints done, mounted and hung in their final resting place.
And it looks great!!!
It's a portrait project for a redevelopment agency called TNDC
Whose mission it is to provide safe and affordable housing for low income people and families in the tenderloin community.
After several meeting we all agreed on it being a black and white project and we planned to photograph as many tenants, of this newly renovated tenderloin residence, as we could. The shoot day came upon us and while I was worried we wouldn't have enough willing volunteers to photograph on that day, we had plenty, more than enough and almost double that of what we had hoped for.
It was a long non-stop day of photography,stories and my basic attempts at photo styling.(not my strong suit).
We wrapped it all a 5pm and throughout the day had managed to photograph over 50 people. The idea was to make the photo's cohesive in style by shooting against a simple white backdrop and therefore letting the characters of the people be the main focal point of the photographs.